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Module assemblies - mounted parts



The assembling of wire bended parts, stampings, tubular parts or customer supplied parts by hand or machine is a routine for us. We can take over the finishing or processing with standard parts – as well as the picking, labelling and detail packaging.

Stamping combinations can be produced by – embossing, - clinching, - welding, -screwing, - pressing and riveting.
The functionality is checked with special adapted test methods.

Usage examples

Automotive industry, commercial vehicles, cable accessories and power supply

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Snap cover with clip spring

Snap cover with clip spring
(Bent wire part made of spring steel, stainless steel, 1.4310, d = 2 mm, sheared, bent, pressed)

Tube cup

Tube cup + extension rod 350 mm
Turned parts, springs, laser components and piping components, fully assembled and welded, incl. surface treatment)

Insulated jig with shackles

Insulated jig, with shackles, insulating loop, wedge lock and bolts

Molded clamp with wedge lock

Molded clamp with wedge lock, bolts and ring, galvanized

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