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Mounting material & wire rope assemblings


Mounting material and wire accessories

Wire accessories, clamps and mounting material in special designs are also offered at Pohl Metall GmbH. We don’t offer DIY goods or standard parts.

Only products with special requirements on the material, strength, dimensional stability and surface treatment are developed and manufactured.


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Turnbuckles similar DIN 1480, forged from high-strength materials and surfaces with special eyelets and deburred.

Forged turnbuckle body, trimmed, drilled and cut thread, assembled and galvanized

Flat head screw

Flat head screw

M6, 8.8, CR VI-free special coating, bolt swaged, cold formed and shaped, rolled thread

Swing hook

Swing hook 10 x 150

galvanized, rolled Crossed, milled thread

Spacer clip

Spacer clip d = 70

galvanized, punched bracket, punched and bent, welded with wood threaded pin, surface galvanized, including carton packaging

Wire clamps

Wire clamps similar DIN 741 or DIN 1142, available in special shapes

Anchor hook

Anchor hook M10 / M12 / M16 galvanized

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