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Wire Bended Parts & springs


Wire parts and springs

At Pohl Metal are automatically produced 2D and 3D bended components, springs, wire parts made of steel and stainless steel available. On cam-type or electric benders can be produced complex shapes. Material feed directly from the coil with wires from 0.3 to 8 mm in diameter.

The wire parts, depending on the diameter, can be processed at the ends like: chamfered threads or bores or further processed mechanically. We are equipped with electronic roll feed, fine leveller, and reels till 2 to payload.

There are materials processed with strength of 120 N/mm2 to 1900 N/mm2, depending on the geometry and material.


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Spirally wound shaft

Spirally wound shaft Ø=8mm; stainless

3D bending, shearing, pressing, surface degrease

Gear lever

Gear lever - rod d = 4 mm

Shearing, bending, beading shape, annealed surface

Torsion spring - stainless steel

Torsion spring - stainless steel

pressure spring - stainless steel

Pressure spring - stainless steel

Locking shaft

Locking shaft, bent wire part d = 6 mm

stainless steel, with milled hexagonal

Stainless retaining spring

Stainless retaining spring, d=1.2 mm, 3D-bent

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