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Heat treatment



In our annealing oven (circulating chamber) we perform heat treatments up to a maximum of 650 ° C. The furnace interior has a dimension of 1.000 x 1.000 x 1.500mm (WxHxD) - it can charge weights to 1.000 kg.

Two circulating fans and a regulated feed/exhaust air guarantee a steady distribution of heat in the furnace chamber. The furnace is computer controlled.

Multiple temperature ranges and holding stages can be programmed for each furnace load.

We can annealing, tempering, extracting (hydrogen after galvanizing of high-strength components> 1,000 N / mm2), preheating, drying, evaporating, degreasing, and stress relieving at temperatures up to max. 650°C.

Aluminum components, castings, stampings, bended parts, tube parts made of steel and stainless steel are treatable with us.


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