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Ultrasonic cleaning


Ultrasonic cleaning - rinsing – drying

Our ultrasonic cleaning system is primarily used for cleaning and degreasing of small, complex and finely structured components.

For example, thin-walled sheet metal parts, exact turned and milled parts, special precise stampings, bent parts and pipe parts those have to be carefully cleaned and degreased.

Other uses for jewelers, goldsmiths, dental technicians, watchmakers, optician, and in the automotive industry for cleaning of carburetors, spark plugs and injectors are completing the usage spectrum.

Cleaning process

The cleaning is done in its own stainless steel carts. It can take components up to a size of 1.200 x 400 x 400 mm and a max. piece weight of 20 kg.

Depending on requirements, we can provide a very high surface tension of about 44 mN/m witch is very beneficial for further processing like gluing or painting.


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